Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Coffe Cup Persona Poem

My burning skin is getting annoyed just by coffee I would like to have a different pool of liquid to hold.
Why d people keep putting their disgusting and sticky lips against my face.
I have lipstick painted all over my face.
Sadly I need a bath.

Inman list poem


One big working shop
Saw noises 
Mr. Dziwogo and his wife
Dogs running around town.
alot trafic on main
small/big houses
lots of dogs
most country
1 miles west of oneill
family of oneill the irish capital
5 dirt roads town
185 Acres

Concrete Poem

only tree
standing in
December waiting
for more and more presents
aren't for me.
The star doesn't shine bright.
but our spirits rise to the heavens a sing
the most beautiful christmasy song

Friday, December 5, 2014

Acrostic peome

Football is a Flare
is a Flash of inspiration
5 second play always seems long
players fly down the field hitting one another
light that you will alway remember

Free choice poem

walking away waiting for someone stating a question asked daily... what's wrong... just walk down the halls in my shoe with anger issues... What's wrong... cool down... me everyday... annoyed, Intel that one friend makes me smile.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014


Your turn Joseph
It means talkative, weird, different
It is the number ninety
it is like a shadow
it is football
it is the memory of my little brother Jesse James Walker
Who taught me to be KIND and to have FUN
When he helped me smile ever since my mother left my life and taught me to not be uptight and to have fun.
My name is Joseph
It means that life is precious and that people see it as something like... they take ecvantage of it

Monday, November 24, 2014

 Teamwork means like you always help one another you follow out plains and make moves that teamwork relays on. In the movie they help the blinded get as far as they could. They helped the people who got headaches get down from the mountain and the sink to get better. When I in football we had our first B team win in 3 years. We knew where we were and what the play was we listened to the QB and followed out the play. Teamwork is not just in sports they are in everyday life. This is what teamwork means to me.

           Photo Credit: Coach Peterson

Friday, November 14, 2014



Do you know what freedom is? I do. Freedom is a sacrifice. To be feet me is how it sounds. I will talk about what freedom means to me, to appreciate and honor, and finally the colors red, white , and blue and what they mean.
What freedom means to me is nothing is free without sacrifice and that freedom is liberty. We always work hard for this countries’s freedom. You can do pretty much what you want here, but you still have to obey the law and the government. It’s a peaceful place here despite the crime.
Second, I will talk about appreciation to the veterans and the people serving now. Ex-Military people are important and because they played a big role in our freedom. The U.S.A prays for those who have been lost or who are serving now. This is called honoring. Whenever you see a veteran give him a hug and say thank you for your service, that will make his/her day. By doing this it shows you have pride and hope in our country. 
Last thing is the colors,  with red representing blood, war and courage, blue standing for justice and freedom, and white representing purity. The 13 stripes mean the first 13 colonies that settled here and the stars meaning all 50 of the states. The colors represent the freedom of the americans that live and breath, the soldiers in the war is to thank for this.
To what freedom means to me, To appreciate, and the colors of the flag are what represent our country. This is our freedom and no one can take it away from us. We live, breathe, and die for this country. This country is our home and life.


Friday, October 31, 2014

The Basketball Ghost, John Henry

The Basketball Ghost, John Henry       Have you ever seen the BasketBall Ghost? I have his name is John Henry he let the Junior High basketball team to victory every time. But he had an accident at practice he had an asthma attack, he couldn't breath he was scared for many hours until John Henry was announced dead from suffocation. He was 14 years old, black hair, pink and black Jordans, and a basketball T-shirt.  He’s always focused on the game.  He’s 6’0 and his ghost is gray.  He smells like sweat most the time when you walk into the gym.        I know John from being in basketball club with him. I don’t know his personality well but its mostly basketball, work hard type personality.  He is a quiet kid that doesn't really scare kids but he helps them out, but he is shy about it. John has been playing basketball since he was 3. John rarely doesn't smiles or talks instead he shows them with actions. Some people are scared to hear that a ghost is in the OHS gym but he’s not scary at all. Instead John is a well good behaved ghost he doesn't make fun of kids that fail at basketball he gives tip and plays them one on one.      One day I went to shoot hoops and see if I would find him. He wasn’t showing up so I waited a little bit and finally you hear a ball bouncing. I ask one on one. He shook his head yes, John was the one to get the ball first he was fast he jukes me out every time grab for the ball he made is so he can’t go through me.  After that game John Henry gave me some tips and showed me actions he smiled at me then vanished. That is the day I became friends with the OHS Basketball ghost John Henry.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Halloween at Hogwarts

As a walked into the Great Hall, I smelt a fabulous fried chicken smell. I licked my lips out of instinct. I walked into the halloween themed feast room and I saw food magically appear … a bunch of delicious food that made my mouth drop to the floor… I saw all my friends getting halloween mail and presents from there families. But the one who didn't was me… Other then all this food. We played wizard chest, then we played Hide-n-seek with ghost.The steak was nice and juicy, prime rib fat and tender with cooked blood on my plate, butter crab with lobster and shrimp, and finally desert; A chocolate fountain with brownies on the side to add a bit more chocolate taste. The dragon meat is my favorite meal of the day. we had a candy fight I hit someone right in the eye with a smarty and two people right in the nose with a lollipop.Gee i miss it already the food disappeared and the plates became sparkling clean with shiny rims from light hitting them. The ceiling of the feast room was glowing and glittering with stars. We went up stairs playing activities we played chest and hide-n-seek with ghost which they won because they disappeared. Then we fell asleep wait for the next feast tomorrow and tomorrow is a new day with life threading activities.Tomorrow will be a new day. 

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Twinkle, twinkle

Sparkle, sparkle, little star, so bright,
I wonder what color you are.
Up above the
small world so high,
Like a
Sparkling teal diamond in the sky. 

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

My Personal Brand Video- iAM video

Three things that i learned from doing this project are:
    1.  That iMovie can be hard but fun.
    2.  English is boring.
    3.  I learned how to use QuickTime Screen recorder

Monday, September 15, 2014

"Dot Day"

Today was Dot Day September 15, 2014 My dot means to me that my Days are usually boring. The colors are blue, green, and purple. The blue mean mostly boring, purple is a little smiling and green means anger and and sad...

Friday, September 12, 2014

An Unforgettable School Day Fight

This day I’ll never forget. It was a normal school day, spring time and a little chilly. I agreed with him at first, then I started disagreeing. I didn’t like the way he called her a name that was hurtful. The definition he gives her was horrible, he was bullying. Teachers told him not to call her the names he was calling her, but still did it. I heard him say it one last time. I told him to shut up. Then an argument between me and him broke out, i was furious.
After a while I blew up and started calling him names and the person he likes, then asked How does he like it and does it affect him. He tried pressure pointing me. After that I turned around and swung once then started walking away then he started calling me more names. Then I told him to just stop. Then we argued more then I got pushed.
Then after that I picked up the person who pushed me threw him on the ground and kicked him twice then walked to the out door teacher i talked to her and I told her who the two kids were calling names. The girl that was getting called bad names was sent into the office. We started talking to the principle I told him what was happening and I couldn't look at him all the time. I was so mad i started crying.
Then he started talking to the girl and she agree with me and the principle asked if she told anyone before she said “No, I thought he would stop.”  I said I’ve told one of the home room teachers before and they talked to him but he didn’t didn’t listen. After that the girl left and I   talking to a counselor about the fight, and told her of my anger issues and that it went to far and that I would say sorry to the other two people that were physically hurt by me.

After that I went to math class and started math then one of the two guys that i hurt came into class and sat down with an ice pack pushed against his mouth and i went to say sorry. Then he told me to shut up but with cussing and started yelling and said “I can’t even feel my mouth because of you. My cheek is split open as well!” Then after a few days he came up to me and told me he was sorry about what happened and I'm still your buddy and I had no comment. Now we are still friends.