Monday, September 15, 2014

"Dot Day"

Today was Dot Day September 15, 2014 My dot means to me that my Days are usually boring. The colors are blue, green, and purple. The blue mean mostly boring, purple is a little smiling and green means anger and and sad...

Friday, September 12, 2014

An Unforgettable School Day Fight

This day I’ll never forget. It was a normal school day, spring time and a little chilly. I agreed with him at first, then I started disagreeing. I didn’t like the way he called her a name that was hurtful. The definition he gives her was horrible, he was bullying. Teachers told him not to call her the names he was calling her, but still did it. I heard him say it one last time. I told him to shut up. Then an argument between me and him broke out, i was furious.
After a while I blew up and started calling him names and the person he likes, then asked How does he like it and does it affect him. He tried pressure pointing me. After that I turned around and swung once then started walking away then he started calling me more names. Then I told him to just stop. Then we argued more then I got pushed.
Then after that I picked up the person who pushed me threw him on the ground and kicked him twice then walked to the out door teacher i talked to her and I told her who the two kids were calling names. The girl that was getting called bad names was sent into the office. We started talking to the principle I told him what was happening and I couldn't look at him all the time. I was so mad i started crying.
Then he started talking to the girl and she agree with me and the principle asked if she told anyone before she said “No, I thought he would stop.”  I said I’ve told one of the home room teachers before and they talked to him but he didn’t didn’t listen. After that the girl left and I   talking to a counselor about the fight, and told her of my anger issues and that it went to far and that I would say sorry to the other two people that were physically hurt by me.

After that I went to math class and started math then one of the two guys that i hurt came into class and sat down with an ice pack pushed against his mouth and i went to say sorry. Then he told me to shut up but with cussing and started yelling and said “I can’t even feel my mouth because of you. My cheek is split open as well!” Then after a few days he came up to me and told me he was sorry about what happened and I'm still your buddy and I had no comment. Now we are still friends.