Friday, October 31, 2014

The Basketball Ghost, John Henry

The Basketball Ghost, John Henry       Have you ever seen the BasketBall Ghost? I have his name is John Henry he let the Junior High basketball team to victory every time. But he had an accident at practice he had an asthma attack, he couldn't breath he was scared for many hours until John Henry was announced dead from suffocation. He was 14 years old, black hair, pink and black Jordans, and a basketball T-shirt.  He’s always focused on the game.  He’s 6’0 and his ghost is gray.  He smells like sweat most the time when you walk into the gym.        I know John from being in basketball club with him. I don’t know his personality well but its mostly basketball, work hard type personality.  He is a quiet kid that doesn't really scare kids but he helps them out, but he is shy about it. John has been playing basketball since he was 3. John rarely doesn't smiles or talks instead he shows them with actions. Some people are scared to hear that a ghost is in the OHS gym but he’s not scary at all. Instead John is a well good behaved ghost he doesn't make fun of kids that fail at basketball he gives tip and plays them one on one.      One day I went to shoot hoops and see if I would find him. He wasn’t showing up so I waited a little bit and finally you hear a ball bouncing. I ask one on one. He shook his head yes, John was the one to get the ball first he was fast he jukes me out every time grab for the ball he made is so he can’t go through me.  After that game John Henry gave me some tips and showed me actions he smiled at me then vanished. That is the day I became friends with the OHS Basketball ghost John Henry.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Halloween at Hogwarts

As a walked into the Great Hall, I smelt a fabulous fried chicken smell. I licked my lips out of instinct. I walked into the halloween themed feast room and I saw food magically appear … a bunch of delicious food that made my mouth drop to the floor… I saw all my friends getting halloween mail and presents from there families. But the one who didn't was me… Other then all this food. We played wizard chest, then we played Hide-n-seek with ghost.The steak was nice and juicy, prime rib fat and tender with cooked blood on my plate, butter crab with lobster and shrimp, and finally desert; A chocolate fountain with brownies on the side to add a bit more chocolate taste. The dragon meat is my favorite meal of the day. we had a candy fight I hit someone right in the eye with a smarty and two people right in the nose with a lollipop.Gee i miss it already the food disappeared and the plates became sparkling clean with shiny rims from light hitting them. The ceiling of the feast room was glowing and glittering with stars. We went up stairs playing activities we played chest and hide-n-seek with ghost which they won because they disappeared. Then we fell asleep wait for the next feast tomorrow and tomorrow is a new day with life threading activities.Tomorrow will be a new day. 

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Twinkle, twinkle

Sparkle, sparkle, little star, so bright,
I wonder what color you are.
Up above the
small world so high,
Like a
Sparkling teal diamond in the sky. 

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

My Personal Brand Video- iAM video

Three things that i learned from doing this project are:
    1.  That iMovie can be hard but fun.
    2.  English is boring.
    3.  I learned how to use QuickTime Screen recorder