Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Coffe Cup Persona Poem

My burning skin is getting annoyed just by coffee I would like to have a different pool of liquid to hold.
Why d people keep putting their disgusting and sticky lips against my face.
I have lipstick painted all over my face.
Sadly I need a bath.

Inman list poem


One big working shop
Saw noises 
Mr. Dziwogo and his wife
Dogs running around town.
alot trafic on main
small/big houses
lots of dogs
most country
1 miles west of oneill
family of oneill the irish capital
5 dirt roads town
185 Acres

Concrete Poem

only tree
standing in
December waiting
for more and more presents
aren't for me.
The star doesn't shine bright.
but our spirits rise to the heavens a sing
the most beautiful christmasy song

Friday, December 5, 2014

Acrostic peome

Football is a Flare
is a Flash of inspiration
5 second play always seems long
players fly down the field hitting one another
light that you will alway remember

Free choice poem

walking away waiting for someone stating a question asked daily... what's wrong... just walk down the halls in my shoe with anger issues... What's wrong... cool down... me everyday... annoyed, Intel that one friend makes me smile.