Friday, May 8, 2015

Wolf Blood

My story is called Wolf Blood. This story is about two boys that both have a chance to become chief of their tribe. But only one lived. So the start of it is where the boys' father is laying and spending his last minuets on his death bed. The older brother chose the wrong path and die because the wolf did not accept him. Then the little brother that was reincarnated and began the test. He chose the right path and was accepted by the wolf simply because he chose the right path. Then in the end he is sitting there by his father sobbing and spending his father's last minuets by him. Finally short after his father died. Lobo was named as Chief Lobo.

  How I made it:
opened keynote
typed all my information
added buttons and made them go to certain slides.
Then made the end of it.

  How it turned out:
I liked the way it turned out. But if i had to change it i would change it to where it was just one son because it was difficult to make and confusing.

  I like everything about it because we could choose our own adventure.